Can I run ADFS running in Azure with AD on prem

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Current setup

  • 1 ADFS server on prem
  • 1 WAP server on prem
  • 2 domain controllers on prem
  • Office 365 federated with ADFS
  • 1 Azure AD Connect server syncing AD to Azure 
  • 1 VPN to Azure (for testing at the moment)

I am looking for some advice on what to do with ADFS.  We would like to have some HA and DR in place. 


I am wondering if I could potentially either move my ADFS servers into Azure and host them their or have a DR site setup in Azure to failover to if we have issues.  I also like the idea of putting a 3rd domain controller in Azure for DR which if we migrated ADFS into Azure I am thinking we would need.


Am I way off base here on how we could leverage Azure for hosting this?

Am I better off finding rackspace where we can host a couple physical servers off-site instead of spinning up virtual machines in Azure?

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@Vasil Michev In this scenario can we have a couple AD servers on prem as well as in Azure?  Or would AD need to be fully in Azure?


You can, look at the diagrams, if nothing else...