Azure MFA (but dont always have a phone)?

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We are working on deploying Azure MFA (cloud only).


An interesting scenario has come up with users that don't have mobile phones.  While the scenario rare, what is a user to do if (1) they don't have a mobile phone and (2) they are not in a trusted IP location?


Same thing could apply if the user forgot their phone at home and was at a customer site, etc. 


Does basic Azure MFA have any extra work around at this point in time?

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You can configure an alternative phone, but apart from that, no. The On-Prem version has a bypass option and alternative method via security questions, this is not yet available for Azure MFA (but I believe it's coming).

hope so thanks.

I dont suppose services like Azure MFA post a roadmap like other O365 services, i've yet to find one at least.

Havent seen any roadmap either, just the occasional hint for a new feature...

Two things - it doesn't have to a be a mobile phone - it could be any predefined phone such as a landline.


I have customers where the 1st MFA phone is a users mobile, but the backup is the "Secretary" administrative assistant person.

The protocol is if UserX call the AA and gives a heads up that he (the AA ) will be getting a phone call from MSFT auth. The AA puts UserX on hold and checks with UserX boss or userX calendar to confirm that offsite and also tries to call user X to confirm no answer.


Then the AA tells UserX to go ahead and trigger Auth.


Cumbersome - but provides the some level of identification anti-spoofing verification.


The business could also look into providing a non-smart phone with a text only plan (aka pager). 


There is also this for the "I forgot my phone at home" :



The bypass is server-only, read the description:


Allow a user to authenticate without performing two-step verification for a limited time. The bypass goes into effect immediately, and expires after the specified number of seconds. This feature only applies to MFA Server deployment.


Why is bypass only for on-prem only?  It seems like the cloud MFA admin capabilities are very limited.

That's a question you should be asking Microsoft :)

Hi Brent,

For users not having (or not willing to use their own) mobile phones, the solution is to use hardware tokens. MFA Server on-prem is allowing to use standard OATH TOTP tokens, however, with Cloud MFA the only solution is the programmable tokens.





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Windows Azure officially supports DeepNet SafeID hardware tokens which are OATH compliant. You might want to check it out: