Azure AD connect upgrade and migration

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We have an Azure AD Connect server with the following spec:


OS: 2012 R2

Version: 1.1.880.0

SQL DB on SQL 2016 on separate server


We would like to upgrade to 2.X but understand that we can't put 2.X on 2012 R2. We also can't put 1.X on a 2019 server according to the version release web page. 


So how do we get to 2.X on a more recent Windows? Is the solution to upgrade the current OS to 2016? Or is there a way to do a swing migration?


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Hi @brian_nfc,

The uber limitation as I read it is with SQL. "Since Azure AD Connect v2 contains SQL Server 2019 components, we no longer can support older Windows Server versions", so your external database is an issue as is the AADC server itself.

Once you've resolved the database uplift to 2019 (in-place, new instance or opting for the AADC LocalDB), can you redeploy AADC to a fresh W2019 server and use the export/import tool to migrate?
This option is a shot at nothing because if it doesn't work you haven't lost anything vs any in-place scenario.

Hope this helps. Ash
Hi Ash, thank you for pointing this out! Pity we didn't use the internal database!


I find somebody share something that matches to your case, please refer to this, btw, it is back to Nov 2021:


Upgrade Azure AD Connect to V2.0 - ALI TAJRAN