Automated login to Microsoft Video

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We have a factory in China (we're primarily an AU company though) which we'd like to provide access to training videos on shopfloor iPad devices which run an enterprise app (which gives access to various web views etc.) in Single App mode.


Anyway we'd like to use "Microsoft Video" (Stream isn't available in that region yet) and allow the users to be able to access without having to go through the login process.  


Ideally it'd be great if Video supported anonymous access (which seems to be coming some year to Stream), however if that isn't a reality today, then some kind of automated login would be great (The iOS app would have access to stored credentials or a client secret as necessary).


Can it be done?  I looked into the Azure application registration, the client_credentials flow, and calling the token service, however I'm not clear whether this could be to passed the "Bearer" token to the video site for straight-through login.  My testing suggests it can't, however I am very much a newbie with OAuth2 (plus I can't seem to locate any permissions for Video in the Azure app registration permissions). Also I could be misunderstanding that it's just for API access and can't be used as an Authorization token for a web site.


Are there any other techniques we could use to achieve the desired outcome, i.e. "User taps button/link etc., video plays"?


Thanks in advance


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