Authentication in Hybrid Enviroment to Outlook, Teams

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Hi all,


We have hybrid enviroment. Local AD sync to AAD with AAD Connect. Autentication using Pass-through Authentication and SSO.

Exchane Online configured with HMC in Modern Authentication.

All works fine. 


In local AD our UPN is xyz@zyx.local, I configured AAD and users can login to O365 using ther mail adres with routable doman


I have question can I set up Outlook, Teams to using Windows credential? 

Right now users have to enter ther login and password.

In username is fill up UPN alias with xyz@zyx.local it's also bad behavior

I know the UPN should be the same as Primary SMTP but we can't do this.




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@Vasil Michev I'm not sure if this solution will helpful with non routable domain in local AD in UPN