Allow any UTF8 characters in Microsoft account passwords

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I tried to use characters like «¼∃≒∀» in passwords and the form always reject them while local windows accounts and on premise domain controllers accept them. 


I opened a support ticket to report this as a bug and was told it works this way by design (case 28980531). 


Was also directed here if I had any suggestions so here I am: please allow any and each UTF8 characters in your online service in the password field. Not being able to is a regression from using on premise domain controller that gladly accept even emojis in passwords. 


Thank you. 

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The Azure AD password requirements are listed here:

As you can note from the above, unicode characters are indeed not supported. Whether this will change, only the relevant folks within Microsoft can tell. But if you have valid need to honor the on-premises password policies, you can use federation or PTA/SSO, all of which redirect the authentication process to you on-premises AD.
Objective is to have Azure AD available as an additional authentication authority, not a redirector.