ADFS with Office 365 MFA

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Can you use the 'free' Office 365 MFA with ADFS - or do you have to use Azure MFA?

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You can. If you want the on-prem version though, you need to create a MFA provider in Azure.

Thanks for the confirmation @Vasil Michev.


The MFA provider in Azure - that would require an Azure subscription, right?  (e.g. not just the free one with 365)

Yes, but you should be able to get one with the pay-as-you-go type of billing.

You'll need Azure AD Premium licences for your user to do this. Then you can download Azure MFA Server by following this guide.

Here you have a new option that is in preview now "Azure MFA cloud based protection for on-premises VPNs is now in public preview!" -