ADConnect - Directory sync service account is WRONG

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Hello Community,

I hope someone has had this problem before , because I am stuck.

My Office Tenant was about a year ago with an Active Directory synchronized... let's call it DIR-A.. This sync was terminated so that the users are cloud only....


Now the sync has to be rebuilt but with an other Active Directory... let's call it DIR-B .... I know the issue with the Immutable ID and have this scenario a few times....


Unfortunately, from my point of view, a completely new problem has arisen.
I have successfully installed ADConnect and started the sync.
I then looked at the sync status in the cloud and saw that the "Directory sync service account" which is created by ADConnect (Sync_NameOfTheServer) is the old Account from the Old ActiveDirectory DIR-A....

But the account and the AD no longer exist... so it have to be saved in the Cloud..

The Sync brings me of course nothing if this account can not be deleted / overwritten.

The Microsoft support has sent me a link to see the password back at the local AD account... but with no success.. 

Has anyone had this problem before ?
Thanks for the information and help


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