AD Connect hangs synchronizing local AD to Azure AD

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We are using latest Azure AD Connect tool (1.1.371.0) on WS2012R2 server (2CPU, 2GB RAM, Hyper-V virtual machine). In a few months synchronization has hanged 3-4 times. I usually reboot whole server to fix this. Today i have found such error (at the same time AD Connect Sync Status tool was showing in-progress state):

The management agent controller encountered an unexpected error. "ERR_: MMS(2084): ..\memutils.cpp(7965): Unusual error code reported 0x80004005
Azure AD Sync 1.1.371.0" The management agent " - AAD" failed on run profile "Delta Synchronization" because the server encountered errors.

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Perhaps something else generally wrong with the server itself

We have this running on a dedicated local server, and have yet to have any issues with it running