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I can’t sign up Teams for free, for the domain seems to be tied to an Office 365 organization which is unknown to me. When tying to sign up Teams for free, I’ll receive the error message "Looks like you're using a work or school account. Sign in to check if your organization already has a Microsoft Teams license waiting for you."


I believe my personal domain has been used for a trial or test 365 account or similar. I believe this may have been before I owned the domain. I don't use 365. The only service I believe I use an MS account for is Skype. How can I release the domain?

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Hi, this is not uncommon.  What you will need to do is perform an admin takeover on the O365 tenant which is holding onto your domain. The steps can be found here - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/admin/misc/become-the-admin?view=o365-worldwide



Hello Peter,


Thanks for the help and the link. I signed up and logged in then deleted my old account. (which deleted my account so new username on here) But when I attempt to use teams I still get the message "Someone has already set up teams for your organisation."


I have Bi Line admin for the domain now through TXT records but still not allowing access to teams.


I have an option to select a personal or work account a school / work account as both are registered still with the same email address. During log in. Neither work for me.


Can I delete the education / work account and release my personal domain through Bi Line.


Any thoughts?





Hi, you have a couple of choices here really.  Now that you have control of the tenant where your domain resides you could;


1). Just use this tenant to set up Teams.  However, you would need paid for licences in this instance and I believe you want the free version of Teams?


2). Remove all references to your domain from this Office 365 tenant.  Change any user names from username@domain.com to username@tenantname.onmicrosoft.com.  Make sure that you do not lock yourself out of the tenant at this time.  Ensure you have/know a login with the .onmicrosoft.com domain as the user name before you make these changes.  Also remove any other references to your custom domain from groups and contacts within the tenant.  When you have done all this, you can then remove your domain completely from the tenant.  To do this, you will need to go to Settings > Domains , highlight your .onmicrosoft.com domain and ensure that you Set as default as shown below;


Screenshot 2020-05-25 at 10.07.43.png


Once this is done, you may highlight your custom domain in the list and click Remove domain.  Once your domain is out of the tenant, you should be free to complete your free Teams signup with your domain.



Thank you for patience and help. Really appreciate the walk through. Even if my tech community membership has more than a few aliases I got there in the end.


Enjoy your week.



Happy to help, and glad you got sorted.  :smile: