Want to Explore More About SUMIFs and Solve Certain Queries Regarding SUMIFs

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I want to explore more about SUMIF as I am a newbie in this field but this really engaged me right now.


I want to clarify that I am using Office 365 on Windows 8.1 in Chrome, Office 2016 version and having 1GHZ with 64 bit i5 intel core processor.


I am stuck in a quite complex situation which I think is not the big deal for you but for me, it's quite annoying that I did not know this simple step.


I have two queries about SUMIF so I will you one by one and hope that you will reply to me as soon as possible.


I want to match strings that are longer than 300 characters but unable to do that. I want to know what is the limit of the characters in a string and how to get rid of it?


I have certain columns that are colored-coded and I want to add the total values by the color.


I want to specially add all the selective ones only no matter how many they are in numbers.


And last, In SUMIFS, the criteria range argument is consistent with the sum range argument or not?


Thanks for giving me a chance to ask my query and all the efforts which you make in answering my query.


I hope that you understand my problem and reply me as soon as possible.





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