Using Configuration Manager? Enable support for remote workers with co-management


The global health crisis has made many businesses look for ‘easy wins’ in the cloud to complement their existing device management infrastructure. Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune are now a part of a single solution called Microsoft Endpoint Manager and what this means to businesses using on-premises Configuration Manager is that they are able to use Microsoft Intune cloud services to co-manage Windows 10 devices without additional licensing costs. Co-management may be an attractive technology for devices managed by Configuration Manager that will no longer be on-premises. By current expert estimates, the COVID-19 pandemic may result in people working from home for weeks and their PCs may not “check in” to the corporate network. 


Previous articles in this series discussed some ideas to enable personal PCs and pre-provision new business PCs for remote users. Now let’s talk about how you can manage work devices being used remotely to maintain their health and security using Configuration Manager and the Microsoft cloud.


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