Tell Us About Microsoft Technologies which Saved you During COVID-19

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COVID-19 force us to stay and work from home and we are adapting new lifestyle. I am wondering is there any Microsoft technology or it could be set of technologies which helps you to adapt this new lifestyle and stay productive and be able to proceed in this time?


Please tell us about them and share your experience.

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At Brigade Enterprises, one of India's leading property developer we had been using O365, over last one year we had taken steps to adopt MS Teams and Sharepoint. These two technologies have helped us during lockdown and WFH.


Additionally we used Azure Virtual Desktops for enabling access to Enterprise network through personal devices.



Great and thank you for sharing your experience, I feel like Microsoft Teams is very close to be look like real office, we could easily call everyone and talk to them and share interesting tips.
SharePoint has been always helping me since old days when cloud doesn't exist.
Virtual Desktop is also easy to setup and use and very helpful.