sending payslips securely

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Hi, I'm looking for help.  Our charity uses Microsoft Enterprise E2/Outlook 2013.  I want to be able to email our employees their secure payslips but don't seem to be able to allow it.

When I try to set it up via Options/More Options when composing a message, if I select the "encrypt message contents and attachments" and then try to send I get a message stating there are no certificates which can be used to send from my email address and to either get a new digital ID to use with this account or use the accounts button to send the message using an account I have certificates for.


Can anyone help me to set my mail up so I can send these emails?


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@dawnsnap You'll want to send these emails using the Azure Rights Management feature of your Microsoft 365 account to secure these emails. The way you are trying to encrypt now would require you to have a certificate for each user in order for them to be able to read the emails. 

Here are additional details on how this works: 

Do you know if you have access to this by chance?