Secure Your Home's Wireless Modem

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We might spend more time working from home and using our home wireless network.

Bad guys and cybercriminals might take advantage of this and try break into your wireless network. Therefore, please take steps to secure your Wi-Fi:


1) Make sure set your Wi-Fi to highest Wi-Fi security standard available in it and use strong password.


2) Use MAC filtering if available and only permit your devices to connect to Wi-Fi.


3) Place Wi-Fi router in place in middle of your home, so it would have signal for everyone at home and less signal outside.


4) Go outside of your home and check where your Wi-Fi signal is available.


5) Check router settings, once a while under connected devices and check connect MAC address with available devices in your home (don't forgot about Smart Devices like Smart TV too).


6) Secure Router's administrator center and if possible set it to only could configure it using LAN connection and block Wi-Fi access.


Performing above steps are different depending on your Wi-Fi router and in general, you have to login to your router's administrator center and check these settings and configure them. Refer to manual and you will find how it is being done.



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