Office management - after easing from german government

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Hi everyone,


due to the easing of the german government some of our employee are allowed to go to the office again.

But it is restricted to a maximum number per people per day so that they can keep the distance.

What MS Tool can help us with this?


8 offices

Different max number

M365 E5 license

no knowledge in PowerApps ;)


It would be great if you could reserve a seat at the office you like. And also get a list who already reserved a seat. Also it would be great if someone could only book for the current and the next week.

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Power App indeed is cool and powerful and you could create something nice and cool with few coding.

You may also take a look at Microsoft Booking: 

Depending on your use case, you may create booking scenario in this app.


However, I recommend create form using Microsoft Forms and ask everyone fill us the form like why they want to go for work and their duty and create table for them. Since we are still fighting with COVID-19 it is better to stay at home as much as possible.


From response you could review and decide if user could work remotely or not.


You may also use Microsoft Planner where you define tasks and in there specify whether task need to be done in work or it could be done in home.






Thanks for your answers. I will try i pilot with Shifts like mentioned here


It looks easier to setup :)


Thanks for your help

@StephanGee thank you for sharing and that is also good option but it depends on your requirements. 

It is also good opportunity to try it out and share your feedback to make Microsoft Teams smarter.