Microsoft Secure Hybrid Access: Part 2


In the final chapter of our two-part series on secure hybrid access, we walk through secure hybrid access along with an in-depth look at some key partner integrations, specifically F5, Zscaler, Akamai, and Citrix. If you haven't already, watch part one of this series, which covers Azure AD Application proxy, then delve into the detailed live demos of our partner integrations and capabilities in this session.




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Frequently asked questions

Q:  There used to be a Microsoft Account API that would validate secure authentication for those who are using MSA to be able to login to my service. Is Azure App Proxy similar to that but for Azure AD?

A: These are generally enterprise applications and mostly on-premises using header based/Kerberos which directly do not support MSA. However, user the Azure B2B service you can enable support for those accounts and use Azure B2B API to invite users. These users are treated as external guests in Azure AD. More details here:

Q:  We are a regulated organization that requires all user traffic to traverse through our web proxy. Is there a way to accomplish this via app proxy or one of the partners?

A: Some of our partners like F5 and Citrix are mostly existing on premises as load balancers and handling applications traffic. You can use the Azure AD integration to secure application access, while your traffic can stay internal. Documentation here: Azure AD Application Proxy fully supports the use of the outbound proxy server. More documentation here:  

Q:  Does header support all message communications dev protocols like SOAP and XML?

A: Header-based is a specific legacy way of authenticating applications. Especially popular through BlueCoat and CA SiteMinder, this is to replace and bridge those systems. It has nothing to do with SOAP.


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