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Hosting a live event in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Stream or Yammer is a great opportunity to reach a an audience with video, even if you are away from the office! If you're interested in learning more and/or or need help with producing a live event, Microsoft is offering a live events assistance program to walk through the process with you! Get the info here:

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Live events in Microsoft Stream

Live events in Microsoft Teams

Live events in Yammer


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I was excited to see the Live option, as were were looking for a broadcasting options. Set up the date and time, invited all to the meeting only to discover 30 mins prior I could not share audio from video files.

Ended up moving everyone over to Facebook Live.

Please advise why it is possible to share computer audio in Teams Meetings but not Teams Live. It does not make sense to share video (which is a lists option) without audio.
The first meeting which I attended online was using Microsoft Office Live Meeting, it is very very old technology and it is no longer supported. Then I attend and also did presentation using Microsoft Lync and then Skype for Business and now we have Microsoft Teams.

I see the real revolution of video conferencing, it is the first time I could experience full seminar experience just using browser. In past, browsers didn't support microphone and camera access and there was limitation with web access and at the end we have to install the meeting application.