Managing quality updates via Windows Update for Business


In this chapter of our Remote Work for IT pros series, we take a look at how to manage quality updates using Windows Update for Business. Customers are at different stages, leveraging different services whether through Microsoft Intune, Configuration Manager or Group Policy and we want to ensure our IT pro community is equipped with options and resources to ensure updates remain on track and your end users have the best experience possible. A brief overview of Windows Update for Business is covered, along with live demos of different environments to walk through how you can set them up and take action today or in the future.




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Frequently asked questions

Q:  Can Windows Update for Business be used to manage server endpoints for patching? If so, is it only Server 2016 or higher? What about Server 2012 R2? Or is this only for Windows 10 endpoints?

A: Windows Update for Business settings can be used on Server 2016 and higher. For more information, see Configure Windows Update for Business.

Q:  If we want to use a task sequence to install a feature update, is there a way to not offer (rather than pause) feature updates through Windows Update?

A: Yes, if you set a target update to match the current OS version the device is on in Intune, it will essentially pause the update. In order to do this, you need to enable co-management in Configuration Manager, then configure the feature update so it essentially stays put, then quality updates and drivers will flow from Intune.

Q:  How does Windows Update for Business compare to Unified Update Platform?

A: Windows Update for Business is a set of policies on top of the delivery channel. For Windows 10, Windows Update gets content from both the Microsoft Update and UUP channels. UUP aim to shrink the size of updates while Windows Update for Business is intended to tailor the experience of Windows Update on devices you manage. For more information, see Introducing Unified Update Platform (UUP)

Q:  Can we configure policy per quality update?

A: The deferral is possible at the feature update or quality update level. It is not specific to one particular quality update but rather all the quality updates at this time.


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