Appreciating Microsoft for giving people IT resources to continue their work from home

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Hello Everyone !

Hope you all are safe and sound. I am just writing this to appreciate the management,employee,team member, hence every person who is working in Microsoft and working to provide quality products to people all around the world to perform & continue their work from home. 

Microsoft tools like office 365 & Microsoft teams is very useful tools to get the work going without any delay.

I am a student myself, doing bachelors in computer science & in my country the government also imposed lock-down due to covid 19. Due to lock-down my university is closed, but there is not even a single day which I have wasted and it result its in loss of studies. Because my teachers are teaching me through e-learning & they are different apps provided by Microsoft. Online audio and video classes are conducted on regular basis. It's a new experience for everyone as most of people are not familiar with these apps but they are so user friendly that they does not feel any diffculty while using them. 

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