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Excited for the FIRST ever virtual Microsoft Ignite? The Humans of IT Community will be bringing a compilation of stories where humanity and technology intersect all in one track so that you can discover how to empower your community, build meaningful careers, be more productive and achieve more!


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As many of you have probably guessed, Humans of IT will be back at Microsoft Ignite 2020! Join us during our 8 Humans of IT sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2020! P.S - If you haven't already heard, Microsoft Ignite is free to attend this year, so what are you waiting for? Register today!


8 Sessions You Don't Want to Miss at Microsoft Ignite 2020


Tuesday 9/22 11:30AM PST: Leveraging Tech for Good: Empowering Nonprofits in a Global Pandemic

Speakers: Dux Raymond Sy, Shing Yu, Mario H Trentim, Foyin Olajide-Bello

Come hear from our panel about the vital role technology plays in helping nonprofits digitize and develop strong business continuity processes in the new normal. In this session, you will also discover how you can play your part in supporting the broader community and contributing your tech skills for good.


Tuesday 9/22 3:15PM PST: How to be a Social Technologist in a Virtual World

Speakers: Grace Macjones, Scott Hanselman

What does it take to be a social technologist in this new normal? Are you visible online, and an even better question - should you be? How do you show up on virtual Teams meetings or events? We cover GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn, StackOverflow, Blogging, Podcasting etc and share tips on setting up your own webcam and home AV equipment (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t have to be fancy!) as we aim to understand what a well-rounded technologist looks like today’s virtual world. We also cover staying safe (and sane!) online, being both appropriately private and public, and how to be authentic while not giving away too many personal things.


Tuesday 9/22 1:45PM PST: Sustaining Human Connection in a Virtual World with Technology 
Speakers: Megan Lawrence, Michael Bohan, Allexa Laycock, Leah Katz-Hernandez 

Come learn about how Microsoft uses human-centered research to build technology that strives to match the natural ways in which our brains work and helps minimizes strain so we can stay productive as we adjust to the new world of remote work.



Wednesday 9/23 7:15AM PST: You + Power Platform: Be the Hero Of Your Own Story

Speakers: Jeremiah Marble, Gomolemo Mohapi, Ashlee Culmsee, Joe Camp, Mary Thompson

Have you ever felt like you’re a supporting or background character in this whole production known as work and life?  Well, let’s end that nonsense TODAY and have you emerge as the hero of your own story. Come and hear from these 4 amazing humans who decided to be the active hero of their own stories…using the Power Platform as the sword as they marched into the modern battle. You’ll walk away from this session, 100% inspired with real, practical steps on how you, too, can #DoTheThing.


Wednesday 9/23 11:30AM PST: The Intersection of AI and Humanity: Solving World Challenges through AI...

Speakers: Siddharta Chatuverdi, Alice Piterova, Kelvin Summoogum 

The world we live in is constantly evolving, and humanity as a whole is now grappling with increasingly complex and challenging issues. Yet, innovative solutions can be found in the most surprising places. Join us in this session to hear from a panel of innovators at the forefront of technology, and be inspired by their stories of how they successfully combine their imagination and creativity with the power of AI to help solve health, societal and humanitarian challenges.  


Wednesday 9/23 1:00 PM: Choose Your Adventure: How to Hack Your Tech Career and Carve The Path YOU W...

Speakers: Iasia Brown, Ryen Macababbad, Chloé Brown, Karen Alarcon

Want to learn how to manage up (“manage your manager”)? Looking to overcome the notorious Imposter Syndrome that continues to be a challenge for many of us in tech? While we cannot solve all the world’s problems, we can come together as #HumansofIT and share tips on how to hack your tech careers and discover tools you can use to keep calm and thrive in the new normal.


Wednesday 9/23 2:30PM: Want to start a startup? Passing on the collective experience of 50 founders ...

Speakers: Annie Parker, Lahini Arunachalam, Kai Frazier, Mikaela Jade

Would you like to learn from the collective advice of 50 badass women and other under-represented founders from around the world who have recently started companies and what they learnt along the way so you can learn from their successes and failures? Join Microsoft for Startups Execs Annie Parker and Lahini Arunachalam in this session as they walk through the findings from some recent customer research they have from speaking with some of the most amazing founders and they will be bringing some special guests to share their inspiring stories with us too.


Wednesday 9/23 7:30 PM: Mentoring Future Technologists in Tech: Students Get Real

Speakers: Tammy Richardson, Errol Blaize Jr, Kaylynn Armstrong, Trent Dalcourt, Lauren Gray, Desha Wise

Join us in this session to hear from our Microsoft Ignite Humans of IT Student Ambassadors from five Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to hear about how they discovered their passion in technology, their personal development journey and their goals to transform the future of tech. Gain insights on what students from underrepresented communities are looking for in their future tech employers, and how tech professionals like you can help support their growth.

Human-focused Microsoft Ignite Table Talks

Looking for ways to interact and connect with your peers? Be sure to check out the community table talks! Share insights with other attendees in an on-going live chat. Then, tune in to hear community leads highlight what’s been discussed! Our top picks of the lot are:






 See you at Microsoft Ignite 2020, #HumansofIT- Register online to secure your virtual seat today!






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