[Announcement] Introducing the Pilot Launch of Community Accountability Groups #1-5
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You’ve heard Dona Sarkar say it a million times – having a #TextableTribe makes a world of difference in helping you build confidence and gain success in your tech career.  


Have you ever wanted to be part of a smaller, private group of community folks where you feel safe asking questions related to your personal and professional growth? Perhaps you just need a sounding board to ask for honest advice and feedback, or to keep you accountable in taking that big step you were afraid of 


Good news! The Microsoft Humans of IT Community Mentors App is piloting a new feature to empower Humans of IT to find their own #TextableTribe based on popular demand. Simply log on to the Community Mentors App (accessible on both Android and iOS), and look for the new feature called Networks.  


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Today, we’ve created five groups (up to 6 members each) to start, labeled as Community Accountability Groups #1-5. Take a chance, pick a group and discover your very own Community Accountability partners! Remember - the best people to keep you accountable are sometimes not your friends, but peers in the community who 1) are not afraid to tell you the honest truth, and 2) can look at a situation objectively and provide their unbiased perspective.  


Ready to dive in?   


How it Works 

Once you join the Humans of IT Community, you’ll be able to access the Community Mentors App and see the Network portion on the App. For this pilot, we have up to 6 spots available for each Network group - feel free to pick ONE of them. Do not join more than one group as 1) you need to be committed to your assigned group, and 2) we want to keep spots open for those who do not have groups.  


Currently, all groups are set to “CLOSED” - we will approve the first six members who request to join, and these members will comprise one group.   


After you’ve successfully become a member of one of the Network groups, you will be able to message all the other members who have also joined the group.   


Here are step-by-step instructions to get started: 

  1. Download the latest version of Tribute (2.0) from the app store.   
  2. Log into the App.  Enter “Microsoft Humans of IT as the Community Name to login, and then use your HoIT credentials to complete login 

HoIT app mockup.png

3. Browse to the Community Tab within the App, then select Networks in the upper right corner

4. Request to join only one of the following Community Accountability Groups (#1-5)

5. Wait for approval from our admin team to confirm that you have been admitted as a member

6. Once confirmed – you’re good to go! 


Be sure to introduce yourself to the group, tell them more about yourself, get to know one another and take it from there!


Happy connecting within your Accountability Groups, and let us know how your experience goes so that we can evaluate if this pilot should be scaled into a program to serve even more community members out there!





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