Announcing a 'Let’s Talk Mental Health' Ask Me Anything (AMA) - August 27, 2020

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Let’s Talk Mental Health – Join this Ask Me Anything (AMA) on August 27 to share:

  • Questions about personal stories/experiences in mental health
  • Discussions on boosting/coping with mental health issues in tech
  • Ways to foster a supportive mental health community in tech

An AMA is similar to an “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” on Reddit, providing the opportunity for the community to ask questions and have a discussion with a panel of community experts on a particular topic. Members of the Microsoft team, MVPs, and guest community experts will join the conversation starting at 10:00 AM PT and will be online at various times throughout the day to respond*. The team of respondents for this AMA includes: Jess Dodson, Ryan Yates, and Chris Gill -- learn more about each individual below.


During the AMA, post your questions and feedback in a new thread within the Humans of IT AMA space, by clicking on, "Start a New Conversation" at the top of the page. 


*Important note: All responses/suggestions provided by these individuals are their own opinions and not Microsoft’s, and should not be regarded as professional medical advice.


If you need help, please consider the below SOS hotlines and resources:




New Zealand:


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Jess Dodson

Jess Dodson.png

Microsoft Tech Community | Twitter

With close to 15 years’ experience in the support, management & administration of identity and security systems within education and government, Jess is now a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) in Microsoft and wears the title of “Ops Witch” proudly! Jess's passions lie in modernizing Active Directory environment; and improving the operational security of systems where-ever possible, as well as being a champion for diversity and inclusion within tech - especially for non-coders! She's also active in technical communities online and can be found in numerous technical IRC, Slack & Discord channels, as well as technical subreddits. Chances are if you've run into "girlgerms" online, you've spoken to Jess!


Ryan Yates

Ryan Yates.png

Microsoft Tech Community | Twitter

Ryan is a Consultant at Black Marble and is a multi-year Microsoft MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management where he specializes in PowerShell, a tool that he uses to help automate tasks across a variety of technologies including Azure, Office 365 and on premises workloads. Ryan also helps co-ordinate the UK PowerShell User Groups. Outside of the world of tech Ryan has a vivid interest in Psychology and in particular around doing what he can to help reduce the stigma around talking about mental health, in which he runs a small blogging community, Mental Health Affects Someone Like Me at


Chris Gill

Chris Gill.png

Microsoft Tech Community | Twitter

I am a Technologist, Windows Insider, and learn-it-all with a combined 17 years of experience in Systems Engineering, Virtualization Design and Administration, Enterprise Architecture/Monitoring, DevOps, and Application stack management. I currently work at Nixon Peabody LLP as a Manager of Microsoft Applications, and have achieved over 30 technology industry certifications. I am passionate about learning and growing a community of experts, and am frequently found on social media sharing best practices and experiences helping others be successful in their Datacenter and Cloud management journeys. I love to spend time with my wife and two superhero children, creating and discovering with IoT, STEM, music, and culinary arts.