Microsoft Planner Tips for Checklist Items and Complete but Open Status - HLS Show Me How

Published Nov 09 2018 10:41 AM 23.9K Views

Today I had a meeting with a customer around their use of Microsoft Teams. During the session one of the attendees brought up two areas of challenge she was seeing in the use of Planner for their tasks. In the first instance she wanted to be able to assign individual users to a given checklist item within a task. In the second instance when a task was completed they wanted to be able to visually mark it complete but not have it close as it does when a task is marked complete.

In this HLS Show Me How per customer questions I demonstrate how to indicate a person is assigned to a Task Checklist Item. I also demonstrate how to visually mark a task completed but keep it actively open for review and re-use.


Thanks for visiting - Michael Gannotti

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