Looking for Content Requests for HLS Modern Workplace Fire Away Friday's


As Health and Life Sciences moves forward with a regular rhythm for our Modern Workplace Fire Away Friday's we want to make sure that content we deliver matches your needs. To that end we would love to have you submit your requests here for content in the collaboration area. Looking for Teams best practices? Let us know. Looking for new ways to aggregate and visual data for your org? Let us know. 

We look forward to your requests and then we will see you online...live! 

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My first time at Ignite. Will there be any Healthcare meet-ups? I'd be interested in comparing notes. Thx!

Great question @Erik Gerard. Not sure on this and I don't believe it is industry focused. I myself will be following allowing virtually as not a part of the event.

Interested in a meet-up at Ignite 2018 as well and very glad there is a community specific to healthcare. Ante up team, and lets figure out a time.