Auditing and Reporting Against Various Office 365 Services
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Last week I had a meeting with a large multi-national Healthcare and Life Sciences organization. During the meeting a topic of inquiry arose around reporting and auditing of a range of Office 365 Services that did not necessarily fall under the Content Adoption Pack or base Office 365 reports. I asked for the customer to provide me with a list of the services in question and promised to track down the definitive guidance for them. Additionally, we discussed, and agreed, that the information I was tracking down would likely be of interest to other Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations.

With that in mind here are those services and the information I rounded up.

  • Microsoft Stream
    • See Audit Logs in Microsoft Stream
      • This article talks about how you can use auditing with Microsoft Stream to monitor and investigate actions taken. Knowing who is taking what action on which item in your Microsoft Stream tenant can be critical in helping your organization fulfill its requirements, such as meeting regulatory compliance and records management.
      • You can filter the audit data by date range, user, dashboard, report, dataset and activity type. You can also download the activities in a csv (comma separated value) file to analyze offline and even use PowerShell to search for audit logs.
    • Microsoft PowerApps
    • Microsoft Flow
      • See Microsoft Flow Analytics
      • As Microsoft Flow consumption increases in organizations, customers are looking for more insight into the health of flows running within their environment. To address this feedback, we recently launched Microsoft Flow Analytics in all Microsoft Flow regions. This capability allows people building flows, with a Flow P2 license, to gain insight into the health of their flows from an analytics dashboard.
      • Microsoft Flow activities can be reported via Search the audit log in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center.
      • flowauditlogs.jpg
    • Microsoft Sway

When looking at reporting also keep in mind:

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