3 Step Pragmatic Approach to Getting Started with Microsoft Teams – Michael on the Go
Published Aug 10 2018 08:26 AM 3,051 Views

As Healthcare and Life Science organizations look to increase their collaborative capability while adhering to regulatory requirements Microsoft Teams has become an increasingly attractive solution. With built in, industry leading, security and compliance capability Microsoft Teams can enable physically disparate teams to effectively collaborate far more efficiently than in the past. As with any new solution though there can often be user trepidation when faced with something new.

On a recent customer onsite, I had the opportunity to not only showcase the capability of Microsoft Teams but to further discuss best approaches for initially implementing with non-technical teams. The approach we discussed, and that I have seen work fairly seamlessly with customers was a three pronged approach; Baby Steps, Channel Conversations, and Iterate and Innovate.

In this Michael on the Go I am joined by my new wonder Pup Stella as I discuss initial implementation of Microsoft Teams by 1- Taking Baby Steps 2- Channeling Conversations 3- Iterating and Innovating.

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