Section 508

Brian Levenson

With the first update to section 508 in many years, organizations are now more focused on accessibility than ever before. This is great! But, it also means that we need to consider making Office available and usable for people of all abilities.


Can anyone share insight into how Office and Microsoft products can help?

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Yes, the refresh is an exciting step forward. Office 365 can help federal agencies achieve compliance with these new requirements in two main ways: 1. We have several capabilities that help authors create accessible content. Discover some of the new ones in this blog. 2. We design Office 365 to meet accessibility standards and follow the DHS trusted tester process to verify conformance. Read more about this here.

It all started a long long time ago in an Office product line changing to an XML base in 2007. With the ribbon and this underlining code change Office could support 508 then, and the new changes.