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@Sarah.Gilbert - One big question I have in relation to GCC High is can Streams be accelerated given the teleworking going on. Being to record Teams meetings and have the ability to have live events streamed to a lot of users is key now given the recent events.  Is there anyway this can be moved up in the priority stack?  Thanks Mike

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@Michael Cassidy Thanks for the question. Our Stream team is working on all the engineering for our compliance commitments to bring Stream to the GCC High environment. Current roadmap for GCC High environment is Q4CY20. There are no current plans to be able to accelerate these dates, but we'll continue to share any timelines via the public roadmap once we're closer to launch at 


Thanks for the response, and I am guessing if you took a vote this would be high up there as a need.  Be able to record and stream an event to a large audience that is teleworking is key now. Anything you can to make this happen faster would be appreciated. Government Cloud, not GCC High, has had it since at least October last year IIRC. @Dan Narloch