problems with non-profit verification

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After registering, I was contacted by Microsoft support (verification department) and asked for additional information:

We are from the verification department, and we need additional information to properly resolve the problem you are experiencing.

To help us resolve your case, we need to verify both your identity and your association with the non-profit organization for which you are requesting sponsorship. Please provide us with the necessary documentation to facilitate this verification process, which will allow us to quickly resolve your issue.

Please provide the following additional information, among other relevant details:
Organizational URL/website – if applicable
A photo or scanned copy of your employee identification card
Government-issued documentation not publicly available concerning your Nonprofit Organization
Confirmation email from your nonprofit organization's domain, affirming that you are acting on their behalf and outlining your association with the organization, etc.
If you have any additional information that you consider relevant for our consideration, please include it in your response.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and eagerly anticipate your prompt reply. If we do not receive a response within the next 48 hours, regrettably, the case will be closed.


I provided my organization's website and my email address at the organization so they can contact me, so I can verify I can receive email at my organization's domain.

I wasn't able to provide the other information because my organization doesn't have employee id cards. I also asked what specific government issued documentation was requested, because the request was nondescript.



The response I got back was:


Thank you again for reaching out and for applying for nonprofit status with Microsoft. However, we have been unable to determine the veracity of the account details you have provided and are unable to process your account for offers through the Nonprofit Portal.

We will be archiving this ticket at this time. Should you disagree with this assessment, please feel free to open a new ticket with additional verifiable documentation.



This was disappointing. The ticket was closed without me really knowing what it was about or me given a reasonable chance to provide what was requested.


Any advice?




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I understand this situation can be frustrating; however, I recommend reaching out to Nonprofit Support again from here: Nonprofit - Contact Us.


Your submission will be route to the correct support team who can assist you with the process to verify your nonprofit. 


After typing your issue in the "How can we help?" text box on that page, scroll past the self-help options and select "Get more help." On the form, for the I am a... drop-down, select "Current nonprofit customer" and for the What can we help you with? drop-down, select "Eligibility."


Hope that helps.