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Our organization is both a 501c4 and 501c4 organization with shared staff. In looking at the online guide, this scenario wasn't clear in terms of eligibility. Would we qualify for the Microsoft nonprofit programs or is there someone we could talk to about this in more detail? Thank you!

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Hi @Elyssa_Bailey 


The best thing to do is probably try applying at That way you'll find out for certain.


If you wanted to talk to someone, I believe that TechSoup is involved in the eligibility checks so they might be able to assist:


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Hey @Elyssa_Bailey,


Here's a few resources to help answer your eligibility questions: 


  1. Nonprofit Eligibility
  2. Nonprofit FAQ - Eligibility
  3. Nonprofit - Contact Us
    1. Type your question in the How can we help? text box and click Get Help, which will generate additional self-help results.
    2. If you need further assistance, submit the form in the Get more help section on the page. 





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Thanks Meenah!