Figuring out Enterprise products

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Anyone else here struggling to figure out which products you have access to as part of a larger enterprise?

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Excellent start
Our organization doesn’t struggle so much with which products are available to us, but rather what each product or collection of products represents or provides. And further, are combinations of individual subscriptions advantageous over the collective subscriptions which may contain more features than we need…and when is the right time to move towards those collective subscriptions.
Looking for a good resource!

Hi @hpassen 


There are a lot of app available within the Microsoft ecosystem, and it can be daunting to explore them all.


To help with the "what tool to use when" question, Microsoft has created a Modern Collaboration Architecture (MOCA). Enabling Modern Collaboration – Microsoft Adoption


Take a look at the MOCA-on-a-page for ideas about products related to individuals, teams and the wider organisation.

Hi @csgrkw 


You might find this resource useful:




Your account team can provide a list

@MattBurr Thank you!  This is very helpful, especially the Feature Matrix.

Hi everyone!


Having lived and breathed this for many, many years from both sides of the fence having also worked at Microsoft for a couple of years in the past and as a customer having negotiated many a licencing scheme, I would be more than happy to have individual conversations with anyone in the community on Microsoft licencing.