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Hello, I have a problem to access the Non-Profit Hub. The login is successful (via MS authenticator) but the redirect to the home page of Non-Profit Hub fails and I get an error that I am not allowed to go ahead at the moment. I opened two cases and both where closed because the responsible support team member told me that I hadn't been able to provide any documents to verify my identity and association with the Nonprofit organization. I don't understand why I has to provide that information because the login was successful and all my contact information where stored in the MS account of our organization. But for both cases (2404100040001826, 2404170040002248) we had provided infomation about my assocation (email sent to me by MS Non Profit, just before problem happens, to approve the sponsorship of our organization and a business letter of our organization to describe my assocation). Without this support I am not able to request the Office 365 licenses and the MS Azure feature we want to use.  Any idea how to solve the deadlock?

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Hello @Hans-Peter_Maurer,


Thanks for your question.


I'm in the process of looping in a product expert to look into your question and will follow-up with you soon.


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The problem should be resolved now. Can you please try logging in and accessing your Nonprofit dashboard again and let me know if that worked?





The first attempt still shows an error but I tried it to login in once more and now I was able to access our dashboard. Thank you for your help and have a nice weekend.


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Hans-Peter Maurer



Great, glad to hear it! Thank you for letting me know. 

I have the same problem as Hans-Peter_Maurer and have been stuck for a week without accessing the non-profit hub. Could you please assist?

Hello @kadarakeb


What is the error you are receiving? If you can reproduce and capture a screenshot or the text of the error, that would be helpful.





I am facing similar kind of issues. Can't access to my non-profit hub and onmicrosoft email also. Can you please help me? 

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Organization: Ashtha Social Developement Organization

Account name: email address removed for privacy reasons