Windows Update Problem 0x80070005 with FSLogix

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I have a running Window Server 2022 and have an issue with Windows Update when activate FSLogix.

When FSlogix settings are activated on the Windows Server the updated failed with the error 0x80070005 in the event logs.


When FsLogix is not actiavated than the windows Update is running without a problem.


System Background

Citrix Hypervisor 8.2. CU1

VM with Windows Server 2022 and Citrix Virtual Apps VDA version 7 2203 3000



FSLogix is configured through GPO and only those 3 settings are activated:


FSLogix / Profile ContainersEnabledEnabled
FSLogix / Profile ContainersVHD Location\\FileServer\FileShareName
FSLogix / Profile ContainersDelete local profile when FSLogix Profile should applyEnabled
FSLogix / Profile Containers / Container and Directory NamingVirtual disk typeVHDX


If you have an advice how to solve that I would be verry happy.





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@medikus its fixed by deleting the temp FSLogix profile on the share folder of the Administrator.


Hi Medikus,

You might want to rollback to FSLogix 2201 hotfix 2 (2.9.8228.50276). I keep all my customers on this build because the recent FSLogix versions have a lot of issues.