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Windows Server 2022 RDS: Persistent Windows Search Index Loading Issue

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Hello Microsoft Community!

I'm currently facing a perplexing issue on Windows Server 2022 while using it as an RDS host. The problem revolves around the native Windows Search Index, where the index continually keeps loading for all users. Although restarting the Windows Search service temporarily resolves the issue, it recurs upon signing out and logging back in.

In an attempt to troubleshoot, I replicated the scenario on Windows Server 2019, where the index functions flawlessly, persisting across users. However, to maintain functionality on Windows Server 2019, I had to restart the services triggered by Event ID 2.

Given my preference for Windows Server 2022 in my specific use case, I'm eager to find a resolution to this perplexing issue.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem or have ideas on how to address it?

Here are the details of my current installation:

- OS: Windows Server 2022
- OS Version: 21H2
- OS Build: 20348.2227
- FSLogix Version: 2.9.8612.60056
- Microsoft Office LTSC Standard 2021: 16.0.14332.20624

'Important' Applied Group Policies:

- FSLogix [Profile Containers] Roam Identity: Enabled
- FSLogix [Profile Containers] Roam Search: Not configured
- FSLogix [ODFC] Roam Search: Not configured
- FSLogix [ODFC] Include Outlook: Enabled

Installation Steps:

1. Configure host, update host, connect to domain.
2. Add host to RD Collection/install RD roles, add to Session pool.
3. Configure Windows Search to automatic, reboot after.
4. Install Microsoft Office and ensure Windows Search is running.
5. Reboot, apply all FSLogix group policies to the host.
6. Install FSLogixAppsSetup.exe on host, reboot.

Any insights or suggestions on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated!

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Update: Discovered a relevant Q&A thread on another Microsoft forum. It appears that the Windows Index issue is not connected to FSLogix. Bart is actively in touch with the Microsoft product team in the hopes of finding a resolution for this matter.


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