When will the problem with local_%username% folders not being cleared on exit be resolved?

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Please tell the developers that this is a critical bug. Let them put all their efforts to fix it in the next update. The problem is 2 years old, what is wrong with you ?



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The problem has been around for 3 years at least. Do you follow the community, what they tell you? Add this task as critical in the next update.

Don't tell me this problem doesn't exist and apps are to blame, all the same things you said about refcount and fixed after 2 years. Take care of the critical problem !!!
Hi, have you opened a support ticket? You might understand that every environment it is unique, and the reason the local_<username> folder is not deleted it is unique to your enviroment. Short answer: when FSLogix tries to delete that folder it can't because there are files in that folder that are still in use, causing that the deletion operation for the local_<username> folder does not succeed. Definitely a support ticket is the way for us to help you. If you open a ticket, let me know.

@Gonzalo_Reyna First you have to acknowledge this problem in order to add to the roadmap of fixes.

Please let me know when you open a support ticket. As we have mentioned to you previously, that would be the way to go to understand what is occurring in your environment. If you decide not to open a support ticket, we will not be able to help you.

Я из России, и у меня нет оплачиваемой поддержки. Пожалуйста, укажите, как я могу создать бесплатный билет. И я думаю, что ваши разработчики должны принять эту проблему и исследовать ее самостоятельно, так как это распространенная проблема, как и с refcount, вы ее долго не признавали и тоже говорили шаблонными фразами, но через целый год исправили.

Я думаю, что вы должны сами это расследовать. Но, честно говоря, помощи от вас как всегда нет. Худшая поддержка, которую я когда-либо видел. Я не сталкивался с таким продуктом, как FSLogix, где критические проблемы можно игнорировать годами. Худшая поддержка



what version of FSLogix are you using?

The latest few versions (up to and including 2.9.8612 tis doesn't happen for my environments.

Also, do you want to save a report of your FSLogix GPO and post it on here for a second opinion?




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