Update from FSLogix 2.9.8228.50276 to 2.9.8612.60056

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I have a pool of virtual machines on the Azure platform on which I have FSLogix 2.9.8228.50276 installed.

My clients work with Outlook among other things and with FSLogix we ensure that the email account configuration is maintained for all machines.

Until recently it worked perfectly but now, from time to time, a user accesses the virtual machine and does not load their profile correctly and I have to disconnect and reconnect it for it to load correctly.

My question is this:

I can update FSLogix to the latest version 2.9.8612.60056 without further ado and hope that everything works correctly.

Will I have to perform some type of configuration of the tool, either through regedit or the configuration tool itself?

Is it advisable to update to the latest version?

Thanks in advance.

PS: Sorry for my English.

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