Profile location per Tenant

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I'm currently building a Windows domian which will provide services to different tenants. For easyier support and because we will have different partners with admin users, I would like to separate the FSLogix profile path per tenant. It should look like this:






On multiple places, I found a hint, that you can use any environment variable for the container location. So I made a GPO to assigne every user a environment variable based on a AD-attribute. This works fine. When the user3 is logged in, he has the %TenantID% variable set to Tenant2.

I have then configured the container location via GPO to \\server\profilecontainers$\%TenantID%.


But this doesn't work. After login, I have a new subfolder called %TenantID% with the new profile in it. So it looks like fslogix cannot resolve this self created environment variable.


Any hints, what I'm doing wrong or how to achive my goal?




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