Office Apps Authentication loop, select users

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Extremely odd issue.


We have about 3 users in a pool of 20 that are having an issue authenticating into Office Apps on ONE of the two RDS servers they have and were recently rebuilt. They are located in Azure(they currently have a proposal for AVD, but that's way down the road). 


Both servers are identical, when these 3 users access the problematic user, they receive an error when loading let's say teams, that states either a TPM error or a generic 'cant register'. A very weird work around right now is, attempt a compule time, quit the app, reopen, it will authenticate, if you open a brand new session, same issue, BUT the credentials are saved in Credential manager. If you then delete the credentials, redo the weird workaround, it works, but we encounter the same issue on brand new sessions, with only these 3 users, and they utilize FSLogix for user profiles.


DUO and Azure MFA are present in the environment, they are no different than other working users.

Is there anything within the container that could be causing an issue?

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