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Latest version FSlogix 2210 - 2.9.8440.42104 - Profile locks

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Currently using Azure Virtual Desktop

We have 20 hosts running Windows 10 multisession.

Since the implementation of AVD the users profile disks had grown considerably and we were waiting for FSLogix to rollout the profile disk compaction feature.

Early this year this feature was implemented in version 2.9.8361.52326 which we rolled out to two new AVD session hosts. As we know this version came with the bug with the "Roaming Recycle Bin" black screen log off issue and a patch was released late March, 2.9.8440.42104 to resolve this bug

We rolled out this new release/patch to 4 new session hosts, ( we did push this to our test environment and then to UAT )

Since the implementation of this version, we are getting multiple issues with users profile disk staying locked to these new session hosts.

The fslogix logging does not show anything definitive to pin point the problem.
What we do have is a script running which audits users logons and this shows if a user leaves their session but does not log off of disconnect from the session host ( we highly discourage using disconnect ) but locks their local machine laptop or desktop when they log back on they either have frozen AVD session or within a minute or two they get disconnected. From here they try logging back on to their session sometimes it succeeds back to the same host but mostly it connects them to a new session host, but here's the kicker they think they are logged and working until later in the day they do the same thing as above, lock their desktop / laptop and when they come back they cannot access anything. What we have found is the first logon of the day to the new session host still has their profile disk attached, so they have been working with a temp profile for the day.

To quickly resolve this, we go to the profile storage account, find their profile disk / vhd and list the smb handles then delete them, this instantly releases the disk from the host and they can log on to another session host and fslogix mounts their profile disk albeit a little outdated.

As mentioned we did roll this out to test and carried extensive testing then rolled into UAT with no issues reported.

To stop on the ongoing problem we have rolled back FSlogix on the new session hosts to the version before disk compaction was implemented and we have had no profile locking or mounting issues.


Question - is anyone experiencing the same issue or something similar.





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We regonize same issue on premise with this Version. In eventlogs everything is OK but next day users call and on Fileserver we can see that VHDX is still open@Wallacefootrotsnr