Issue with FSLogix Profiledisk

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Hi guys

we have a new Server 2019 image, where we have installed FSLogix 2.9.8228.50276. I'm trying to have the Profile Disk attached to the server when i logg in. We have another server where the VHDX is working just fine.

On the new server i'm able to have it attached just once. When i logg off and login again, i see the following errors in the event log:


Event ID: 26

Failed to attach VHD. (The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request.


Event ID: 41

Sessionid: 2, ErrorCode:995, Detail: Logon failed, please check logs and tracelogging and verify that the users disk was detached


I don't see the disk attached on the server.


Can some guide me, what could cause that issue?


Thanks and best regards,



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