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How many of you have deployed the new FSLogix on Server 2019 RDS?

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Hi everyone


How many of you have deployed the new hotfix 3 (2.9.8784) on a Server 2019 RDS Server?

According to Microsoft, running the latest FSLogix with the new Teams in not supported on Server 2019.

I've had it deployed in this environment for a few weeks, without anything too scary occurring, but was wondering if anyone had any horror stories with this combination?



Ken Z

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New Teams does not work with Hotfix 2 either.

My clients still on 2019 I have to update the Teams update policy to stay on Classic and install the latest classic version with alluser=1 allusers=1 and it won't try to auto update to the new version.

New Teams will work on Server 2019 when FSLogix is not being used.