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Groupe Policy Object in a FsLogix Profil

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Hello, I have a strange behavior with gpo applied to an fslogix user profile.
When the gpo link is enabled, everything works fine. The user recovers all GPO parameters. On the other hand, when I wish not to activate the GPO by refusing to apply it for a user, or even when I delete the link and even the GPO, the parameters remain recorded in the profile. If I do the same operation on an rds profile without fslogix, I have no problem.
How can I resolve the issue.
thank you for your valuable help.
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this is a known issue and well documented.

GPOs normally apply settings to either HKCU\SOFTWARE\Policies or HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies (depending on whether they're user or computer settings). This means that when a policy is removed the contents of these keys are removed also.

FSLogix applies some of their settings directly to HKCU\SOFTWARE\FSLogix and HKLM\SOFTWARE\FSLogix
The contents of these keys are not removed when the GPO is unlinked or removed from the OU

The FSLogix documentation explicitly mentions this and the only way to "reverse" the settings is to set new ones that sets the opposite value to reverse the contents. Alternatively you can set a GPP that explicitly deletes these keys ('sessions' subkeys for HKLM) for user.


Ken Z