FSLogix user folder naming

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After using copy-profile in frx.exe, the local profiles are copied with no issue per se. But when a user logs into their vm and the fslogix vhdx is attached, the user's foldername in C:\Users shows up as "username.FLSO",  example:  C:\Users\jsmith.FSLO ,but I want to show up as just the username. Anyone know how to change this behavior? It doesn't happen for profiles created apart from the migrated ones made with copy-profile. Here is the command I use with frx:

"C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\frx.exe" "copy-profile" -filename="C:\Temp\Profile_jsmith.vhdx" -sid=<sid goes here> -profile-path="C:\Users\JSmith" -size-mbs=20000 -dynamic=1 -verbose


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