FSlogix profiles and load balanced RDS servers

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Our Enviroment: 2 2019 Remote Desktop Servers, using Fslogix profiles,  on latest version of Fslogix (2105 (2.9.7838.44263)), primarily using HP thin clients, the RDS servers are setup to load balance users. 


We are having trouble with users losing all their settings,  have to log back into everything, remap printers, etc.    In looking at the logs between the 2 servers, I see the user log into first server and it loads stuff there then must load balance them to the 2nd server and then it tries to load profile but has trouble as it is still attached to 1st server,  I have extended the retries and usually after 4 or 5 attempts it is able to load their profile.  Then through out the day when they connect and disconnect their session I see logs on the 1st server where it tries to log them in but it says profile already exist but they get connected to the 2nd server.  My guess is that after the end of the day part of their profile still exist on 1st server and then the next day when they try to login they are assigned to server 1 and it uses the local profile instead of loading their network profile causing user to have to resetup everything.  Is there settings I should be using to help with this transition between the servers?   I do have setting to delete local profile if it exists on but doesn't seem like it doesn't work everytime.


Snipets from logs:

[04:46:51.075][tid:00000ebc.000011c0][WARN: 00000020] Failed to query VHD(x) size (The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.)
[04:46:51.075][tid:00000ebc.000011c0][INFO] GetVirtualDiskSize returning after 2093 milliseconds
[04:46:51.075][tid:00000ebc.000011c0][INFO] Configuration Read (DWORD): SOFTWARE\FSLogix\Profiles\LockedRetryCount. Data: 8
[04:46:51.075][tid:00000ebc.000011c0][INFO] Configuration Read (DWORD): SOFTWARE\FSLogix\Profiles\LockedRetryInterval. Data: 4
[04:46:51.075][tid:00000ebc.000011c0][ERROR:00000020] Open vhd(x) failed, file is locked. Retrying 8 time(s) at 4 second intervals (The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.)
[04:46:55.091][tid:00000ebc.000011c0][INFO] Retrying open vhd(x) 1/8
[04:46:59.106][tid:00000ebc.000011c0][INFO] Retrying open vhd(x) 2/8
[04:47:03.122][tid:00000ebc.000011c0][INFO] Retrying open vhd(x) 3/8
[04:47:07.138][tid:00000ebc.000011c0][INFO] Retrying open vhd(x) 4/8
[04:47:11.310][tid:00000ebc.000011c0][INFO] Retrying open vhd(x) 5/8
[04:47:11.325][tid:00000ebc.000011c0][INFO] Opened vhd(x) successfully



Errors throughout day when reconnecting session:


[15:18:56.692][tid:00000db8.00007280][INFO] Status set to 0: Success
[15:18:56.692][tid:00000db8.00007280][INFO] Reason set to 3: A local profile for this user exists on this system
[15:18:56.692][tid:00000db8.00007280][WARN: 00000003] Local profile already exists. Do nothing. (The system cannot find the path specified.)


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Defo sounds like you have the default setup with Direct Access Configured for your Profiles and it still being open. Possible the session from the 1st RDS Server hasn't closed (maybe user is disconnecting so still open). Options could be reduce the time idle and disconnected sessions stay in that state or look and using the Multi - Session setup but be aware that uses more disk space

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