FSLogix Profile Hangs - "Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort1, was issued."



Google scouring has been done. This is my last ditch effort before trying to open a ticket with Microsoft (not fun).


Randomly and without any cause I can find, a mounted VHD FSLogix profile will hang and not disconnect cleanly from a Citrix VDA server.


The only indication I have that this is happening, before the server craters, is the following in the SYSTEM event log:


"Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort1, was issued."
Event ID: 129
Source: vhdmp


This shows up about every 30 seconds.


This sets off a deterioration of the OS itself.


If caught early, I can RDP to the server.


If not, RDP fails and sits at a black screen trying to connect.


The only way to get server back to normal is a hard reboot.


Users on the server in a Citrx session do not seem to notice an issue.


If I can RDP to the server, I can identify the profile having the issue. It will show session disconnected (most of the time), however the session cannot be forced to log off. Trying to kill processes used by the profile will work until it doesn't. Several will say "access denied".


Eventually the server deteriorates to stopping updating the Citrix Director/Manager and reporting accurate data on who is logged on, etc.


Also of note, under Disk Management, you can see mounted VHDs normally. When the server is in this state, Disk Management hangs trying to open.


Under System\Advanced System Settings\User Profile --> selecting Settings, which usually takes you to profiles on the system, also hangs.


It's as if the entire system that manages profiles and mounted VHDs is choking.


I have about a dozen Citrix VDAs and this happens on all of them randomly at some point. Averaging 2-3 times a week.


All are Windows Server 2012 R2 <-- Yes, I know. It is on this version for "reasons".
VDAs are VMware VMs with plenty of resources.
Citrix version 1912.0.2000.2345
FSLogix version 2.9.7838.44236 (latest version as of now).


\Device\RaidPort1 is an alias for all of the mounted VHD profiles, as I have found doing a deep dig. So I'm very confidence that this is a profile problem, FSLogix, or some combination of something with the OS, an app or Citrix (see how I narrowed that down?). The profiles that get stuck are also random. No common users I can find causing it.


Looking for another clue....

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I feel your pain. Same issue here.


I removed FSLOGIX and put Citrix UPM in hopes of a permanent solution but it still occurs to me.


windows 2016 / Citrix VDA 1912 LTSR CU2, published apps only.(no desktop)


i still have no clue of why it does happen, i suspect the "sharing" of the profiles (same user , same profile on 2 differents citrix server)