FSLogix not working with Work Folders

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We have Work Folders working well by itself.  We also have fslogix working well by itself configured on laptops using the local drive as the first cloud cache location. This enables the laptops to work fully offline, and have the same profile as the desktop. If they are logged on to both devices, whichever one logs off last is the one whose settings are updated - and this is OK with us.

When we block roaming profiles, apply the fslogix one and also apply work folders, the initial work folders setup just will not work. It did manage to create a blank folder with the username with no other folders - and the user is able to create folders on the share. Has anyone got work folders working with fslogix? This would be an ideal solution for us as we could then have a laptop that is often offline able to carry on working, then have files and settings synchronised. The fact that the client and the server are both logging entries but not succeeding is very frustrating. The logs are not very informative other than saying the the initial synchronisation did not succeed.

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