FSlogix - intermittent profile issues - fails to attach vhd

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We're experiencing very random and intermittent issues with FSlogix profile containers. 

Intermittently FSlogix isn't able to attach the vhd and will display the error window with the following codes:


Status: 0x...B

Reason: 0x...5

Error 0x...570


If the affected user keeps trying and keeps reconnecting, it eventually will successfully attach the vhd and load the profile. Usually takes anywhere from 3-6 attempts. 

I currently do not have any log files available since we had not enabled FSlogix to login when encountering an error i.e. so far whenever above error message occurred, it logged the user out again. I have changed this setting now, but have not encountered the issue again yet. 


In addition to this and unrelated, every time we publish a new snapshot, users have to login to MS Teams again. Everything else, such as other Office applications seem to be retained and do not require reauthentication after publishing a new snapshot. 


Any help appreciated. 




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