Failed to acquire mutex for user - user can't logoff

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Anybody experiencing troubles when users signing out? 

"Failed to acquire mutex for user:" 

"Failed to acquired logoff lock for user..."


Sessions keeps hanging with a couple of processes running. 

Tried a couple of ways to sign out the user but nothing seems to help (logoff/kill tasks/qwinsta&rwinsta).


After reboot, session is disconnected but the metadata file of the fslogix container isn't deleted.


Citrix environment,

Latest FSLogix version: 2.9.8361.52326

Profiles are available on SMB share.




After updating to the latest version of FSLogix, following errors appear frequently:

"AppxPackage installation error: interface is not supported"


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I had the same issue, I resolved this by disable the three new features by GPO, enabled by default in this new version of FSLogix - disabling both disc compaction, roaming of recycle bin and appx-packages through GPO - then a restart of the VDAs or RDSH if you're not using Citrix.


You can try disabling one at a time, my money is on disc compaction or roaming of the recycle bin

Feature: Added the ability to compact the user's container during the sign-out phase. For more information, see VHD Disk Compaction.

Feature: Added a new process during the sign-out phase which creates an AppX package manifest for the user. This manifest is used at sign-in to re-register the AppX applications for an improved user experience. This work is on-going as AppX packages and applications continue to evolve. The focus for this work has been on the built-in Windows apps (inbox apps).

Feature: We will now roam the users Recycle Bin within the user's container.


All three (3) of our new features are enabled by default, but have the option to be disabled.",to%20be%20disabled.


Indeed, errors are gone after disabling the newly added features by Microsoft...


Thank you for the reply.

I dont see the option to disable the roaming of the Recycle Bin usign the admx templates that were included. Did you use a registry entry? I am almost certain that maybe the cause since i already had the disk compaction disabled.

I ended up downgrading to 2.9.8228.50276 for now and so far so good. No angry mob with torches and pitchforks at my desk yet.
We started an internal investigation to determine the overall scope of this issue. We are seeing evidence of this issue occurring and are actively working to better understand the use case and reproduction scenarios.

We are seeking customers who have an active support case or can open a support case. Your assistance would help us pinpoint the exact issue and validate the fix for the community.

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@msft_jasonparker we are also seeing a number of issues with what I would describe as "stuck profiles" where the user gets an error "cannot open virtual disk"


When running some powershell to see the state of handles on the profile we see some open file handles from a previous session which stop the profile from getting loaded. We have to clear these with powershell before the user can successfully log on. I will PM you with our support ticket.