Expanding existing user VHDs

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Hello, I enabled FSLogix in our citrix environment specifying the auto-created VHD files via the group policy setting. We have now determined that the initial size is inadequate and would like to provide additional space for these users. I was hoping it would be as easy as simply increasing the size as shown in the group policy setting, but it appears as though this only works when they are created. Is there a best method for increasing the size of existing VHDs for user profiles? Thank you.

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@Tyson Dickert 

I did this, saw the option in FSLogix to allow dynamic disks, assumed it was to allow for growth going forward... it wasnt. Fix is reasonably simple but a little time consuming.


You need to install a HyperV manager (if you dont have one already) and use the resize-vhd cmdlet.



Here are the steps I followed:

Resize the VHD with Hyper-V PowerShell cmdlets :

Resize-VHD -Path c:\temp\Profile_u1.vhdx -SizeBytes 5GB

NOTE: Run this cmdlet on Hyper-V machine, otherwise it can’t be recognized


Then you can either mount the users disks and use disk management to extend them, or wait until the users are all logged into the servers and extend them via disk management while they continue to work.


As always make sure you have a good backup before hand and it should all be ok.